HASCO Development Corporation offers unique land investments to further grow and diversify your financial portfolio. We offer two types of investments: The Limited Partnership Agreement and the Undivided Interest (Land Title).

Limited Partnership Agreement: Through the Limited Partnership Agreement the Investor receives a Unit Certificate. The Investor has all the necessary assurances for a sound and profitable partnership. All Limited Partnership Agreements are audited.

Undivided Interest: Is an undivided interest in the lands; Investor’s interest is registered on title with Alberta Registries as a fractional owner and will receive a certified copy of title.

There is no additional cost or administration fee; your investment unit is set at one price. HASCO Development Corporation takes care of the legal fees to register your land title and transferring the interest to the investor. In addition we cover all the planning, engineering, application/permit, and construction costs as we move forward with our plans for development.

Investor confidence is our priority as we take the necessary steps to protect your investment. We invite you to partner with HASCO Development Corporation and share in the wealth of Alberta’s growing economy.

Land is always a solid choice.