Deer Valley Estate is located in Edmonton’s SE corner, adjacent to the City of Edmonton’s possible high speed transit stop on Ellerslie road and 50th street, as per City of Edmonton’s south east area structure plan.

Edmonton is experiencing significant growth in the southern area and our parcel is well situated to accommodate the expected and future growth.

Currently, our engineering and planning teams are preparing the Area Structure Plan for submission to the City of Edmonton. The process is multifaceted, involving further testing and the collection of geotechnical and topographical data. Once the Area Structure Plan is approved, a tentative layout plan will be prepared and rezoning of the area will then take place.

Once this stage of land development is reached, the project will quickly gain momentum and visible signs of development begin. At Edmonton’s current growth rate this parcel of land will have the necessary services connected and construction will commence.

This parcel is sure to see value added in the forthcoming years. For example, the City of Edmonton has two major facilities coming on the nearby lands:

  1. A major ETS High Speed Transit Hub is planned on a site that is near our parcel.
  2. A City of Edmonton Multi Sports Facility near 50 Street and Ellerslie Road.

Our goal at HASCO for this 40 acres parcel is to have all approvals in place and develop a strategy based on neighbouring activity. As the City has grown tremendously in the south east quadrant we feel that your positioned well.

Also affecting Southview and Deer Valley positively is that fact that The City of Edmonton has begun an annexation process to acquire land south of its boundary at 41 Ave SW, east and west of the QEII Highway.

Annexation is a relatively common provincially-regulated process that transfers land from one jurisdiction to another, allowing a municipality to extend its boundaries to accommodate growth.

Several municipalities are currently undergoing or recently completed an annexation process within the Capital Region, including the City of Leduc and the Town of Beaumont. It has been over 30 years since Edmonton’s last annexation.

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